Passion for Cities

As I complete my final three courses during the summer semester (two at UVic, one at UBC), I’m beginning to look for a job. I’m hoping to find a job (or jobs) that will allow me work in an area I’m passionate about: city planning.

I’m posting a CV here that lists the relevant courses I’ve taken and my most recent work experiences. What amazed me as I put it together is that over the past eight months, I’ve been seeing all kinds of connections between my courses, my interests and my career prospects, that hadn’t been obvious during the everyday focus on doing readings and getting assignments done that every student faces. It seems that I’m on the right path: I’ve figured out what I’m passionate about and have found ways to do meaningful and creative projects relating to it.

If you want to see an example of my work, take a look at Cycle Babble. For one of my courses last term, I wrote and developed a website with two other students about the world-wide cycling craze in the 19th century and its specific effects on Victoria. In our modern “Age of the Automobile,” it was interesting to find out that early cyclists had a significant influence on how the city was built; this potentially offers lessons to modern day cycling advocacy groups, and hope for a more cycle friendly future.

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