Woodwynn Farms

As a field trip for my Community Mapping Course (see other links here), I went to Woodwynn Farms yesterday with my professor, his volunteer assistants Ken and Wendy, and a couple of other students. Richard Leblanc, Founder & Executive Director, gave us a brief overview of the farm and showed us some maps they already had, including a cool 3D model of the whole farm that a student made last year. A fellow student and I had the opportunity to take some pictures of historic farm buildings, and upload them to a Drupal map to create rich content. Other kinds of data that could be added to this map include: soil types, crop descriptions, natural features, and descriptive text. For instance, we could add historical data to the building photos to describe how the buildings have been used since the farm was started (Richard said some of them date to the 1840s!). Hopefully, this will be the beginning of a larger project that will create a lot of rich map data for use in managing the farm and achieving its objectives.

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