Yesterday, Make Victoria Better discussed “the commuter’s paradox“: “When choosing where to live, people underestimate the trouble of long commutes, leading them to thinking that a big house in the suburbs/exurbs will make them happier, even if it means extra driving.”

I kind of like my 40-45 minute commute from Vic West to UVic, where I’m finishing off my BA. I can board the #14 bus half a block from my house and get to school in 40 minutes. During that time, I get to listen to podcasts or do some reading before class. I don’t have to worry about parking at either end. It’s a relaxing way to start and end the day. If I decide to bike to school, I get to ride the Goose/Lochside trails to McKenzie, and use the bike lanes to get to UVic in 45 minutes. The morning exercise energizes me for my day, and the evening exercise allows me time to unwind.

When I moved to Victoria last September, I was also really pleased to find how short my commute was. When I lived in East Van, and was commuting by bus to UBC, I was in transit for 1.5 hours each way. During my first week at UVic, I was surprised to overhear a conversation in which somebody complained about a half hour commute and was seriously considering spending $200/month more in rent to move closer to school.

My point here is that we all have different priorities. Right now, my commute is perfect for me, but would be too long for others, while making others jealous for its shortness.

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