Cyclists & Pedestrians – Follow the Rules Too!

In light of my recent post on Cycling, Transit & Rules of the Road, I want to point out that the rules of the road apply equally to cyclists and pedestrians. If we, as cyclists and pedestrians, want to be taken seriously as legitimate road users, then we need to act consistently and not break the rules. That was part of the confusion when I met with the bus on May 31: I was trying to follow the rules of the road as I understand them, when the bus driver stopped unexpectedly, creating a potentially unsafe situation. That’s why it was important for me to act consistently; not knowing the driver’s intentions, I followed the normal rules for that situation and waited until I clearly had the right of way to complete my left turn, because I believed that was the safest course of action.

Drew Snider, a “TransLink Media Relations type,” has a post at his personal blog dealing with this topic, which correctly points out that for their own safety, cyclists need to follow the rules. An earlier post by Drew deals with pedestrians.

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