Good Comments

Today, I want to highlight what I consider to be good comments on this blog. The best comments on this blog will be:

  • topical, referring to the content of the post they are attached to and closely related issues.
  • thoughtfully expressed, well researched and add to the discussion.
  • respectful and polite in tone.

Good comments on this blog will combine most of the features listed here.

I want to thank all of those people who have already commented on my blog, in topical, thoughtful, discussion extending and respectful ways. For the most part, I have been impressed with the kinds of discussions we have been having here so far, especially considering this blog is barely over a month old.

In particular, I want to highlight the comments of John Luton, Victoria city councillor and Executive Director of Capital Bike and Walk. I am honoured that he has taken the time to post a couple of lengthy comments on this blog, and impressed at the depth of the knowledge and experience that he displays in them. His comments should act as exemplars for how to comment well and engage in respectful dialogue that informs and enlightens those who read them.

For instance, in his comment on my post about pedestrian injuries and cycling infrastructure, Mr. Luton wrote about how off-road bike paths “make cyclists more visible by growing participation, which in turn fuels demand for more on-road facilities,” and also have enormous financial and environmental benefits. He disagreed with me on several points, which delighted me because disagreement is at the heart of discussion. He did so while following my guidelines for good commenting, by being on topic, expressing his point well, with lots of information and being respectful of me and my opinion and of others commenting on the site.

In an earlier comment, Mr. Luton explained and expanded upon the City’s decision to remove parking meters from sidewalks, thereby reducing bike parking. He clarified the issue well, and added to my understanding of the issue – and hopefully the understanding of others who read his words. Again, he did so while following the above guidelines.

In the spirit of encouraging good dialogue, I want to thank Mr. Luton for his contributions and ask that his comments serve as an example for others who want to discuss the issues I raise here.

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