Garages are Sensible?!

“I thought you should know,” Francesca wrote to me recently in an email, “that housing the modern car in a built-in car room is one of the most sensible, convenient and practical results of newest home design!”

In the same email, Francesca included a link to a virtual exhibit at the Clarke Historical Library at Central Michigan University that deals with the “Aladdin Company of Bay City”. During much of the 20th Century, the Aladdin Company manufactured and sold prefab homes through mail order catalogues.

On page 35 in the 1936 catalogue, there’s a home called The Brookline:

Note that it comes “With Built-in Car Room.” I think that’s a rather quaint way of describing a garage. It seems to give anthropomorphic qualities to cars. “My house comes complete with a dining room, two kids’ rooms and a Car Room.”

At the bottom of the page, it makes the sad but true claim that,

“Sensible, convenient and practical,” only if cities are designed to encourage car use. What about a built in Bike Room?

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