Cyclists & Toxic Air

From the Social Studies, in the Globe & Mail:

Cycling in cities

“Cycling to work may seem the healthy option, but a study has shown that people riding in cities inhale tens of millions of toxic nanoparticles with every breath, at least five times more than drivers or pedestrians,” Jonathan Leake reports for The Sunday Times of London. “The research involved fitting cyclists with devices that could count the particles, mostly emitted by car exhausts, in the air they were breathing. … ‘This is the first time anyone has counted the particles while also measuring people’s breathing during city commuting. It showed that cyclists can inhale an astonishing number of pollutant particles in one journey,’ said Luc Int Panis of the transport research institute at Hasselt University in Belgium, who led the study.”

Here is the original article from The Sunday Times. The original article is:

Luc Int Panis, et al. “Exposure to particulate matter in traffic: A comparison of cyclists and car passengers.” Atmospheric Environment 44 (2010) 2263-2270.

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One Response to Cyclists & Toxic Air

  1. Evan says:

    Hey Vincent,

    Sorry, this is a rushed comment, but…

    1. I thought I recently read that, despite these concerns, motorists inside cars still inhale far more fumes.


    2. This new study out of UBC has a bit about this and route choice:

    Keep up the good work.

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