I Love Transit Week in Victoria?

“While there are many things we don’t like about transit, there are still many things that we do like,” writes Jhenifer Pabillano, at The Buzzer Blog. “And there just hasn’t been an official opportunity to celebrate what we like – until now!” She describes a week long series of events she’s organizing to celebrate Metro Vancouver’s TransLink, which includes an “I Love Transit Night” at which transit aficionados competed in various trivia games. Also included in the week long celebration were several feature articles about  great parts of TranLink’s system.

(As an aside, when the B.C. Electric Railway ran streetcars in both Vancouver and Victoria, The Buzzer was published here as well, starting in 1916. However, B.C. Transit doesn’t publish a similar public relations brochure here now, to celebrate all the amazing work they do.)

Although I haven’t had the opportunity to use all of the local bus routes yet (I’ve lived in Victoria for less than a year), and don’t know enough about the system to highlight all of its excellent features, I would like to highlight over the next few days those features that I do know about. To start off, I noticed this morning that the B.C. Transit Commission decided to implement late-night bus service in September, after a successful trial this past spring. Although it will be expensive, the decision to provide late night bus service is a decision that supports transit equity and will help solve “downtown’s late-night problems with drunkenness and disorder.” Congratulations to those transit commissioners (local mayors and councillors) who voted to continue this service.

What’s your favourite part of B.C. Transit’s local service? Are there little known transit gems that I should explore?

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