“I prefer dialogue over polemics…”

“I prefer dialogue over polemics, which is a type of fight that leads to nowhere,” says Paulo Freire, in an interview published Pedagogy of the City.

As I promised a few of weeks ago, I’ll be reviewing the whole book soon, but just wanted to post that thought because it resonated with me. In the meantime, I’ve read two other books, neither of which are related (much) to cities:

  • Ann Silversides. AIDs Activist: Michael Lynch and The Politics of Community. Toronto: Between the Lines, 2003.
  • Evelyn Millis Duvall & Reuben Hill. When You Marry (Revised Edition). New York: D.C. Heath & Company, 1953. Full text available online at Internet Archive’s Ebooks & Texts Archive. Analysis available at Awful Library Books.
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