Human Transit in Paris: Make the Streets Ours!

I’m consistently impressed by Jarrett Walker’s blog, Human Transit. His last few posts have been from Paris.

Referring to a long standing debate on his blog about the differences between and merits of streetcars and LRTs (also see here and here), he posted these two articles:

On the rather geeky, but really cool world, of logos/signage/branding of transit:

(Expect a post on this blog showing the various branding efforts in public places in the CRD soon: street signs, municipal hall signs, GVPL signs, B.C. Transit signs.)

On the importance of transit agencies remembering who their customers are:

(I should mention that I think B.C. Transit’s customer service is top notch and very responsive. I was quite impressed at how my recent complaint was handled.)

And most important to our current situation in Victoria:

The dedicated bus lanes (at the “expense” of, and often to the benefit of private automobiles because of reduced congestion), along with infrastructure and a culture that encourages cycling in both the dedicated bus lanes AND in parallel bike lanes, provides valuable lessons that Victoria could learn. We just have to figure out how to ensure that “the streets are ours” in practice.

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One Response to Human Transit in Paris: Make the Streets Ours!

  1. Francesca says:

    The RATP (Paris transit) logo always made me think of someone who had fallen on the metro tracks and was just waiting for the train to come.

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