Daily Pun – July 13, 2010

The other day, Francesca* and I cycled out to a local piano shop to look around.

I immediately KEYED into the possibilities for making puns about this, but had to decide if I should take BABY steps or make a GRAND gesture, so I said to Francesca*, “Would you like to PLAY the pun game with me?”

“That wouldn’t be a very UPRIGHT thing to do, would it?” she replied

“I’m sure we could find something in our REPERTOIRE that wouldn’t be immoral,” I tried to reassure her, as we PEDALED to the store.

“Are you STRUNG out?” she joked.

“That is not the CASE!” I insisted.

“I’m going to have to BENCH you, if you keep making jokes like this,” she said.

“Who’s keeping SCORE?” I asked. “I’m sure you’ve struck a similar NOTE on many occasions.”

“I’ll teach you a lesson with my STAFF,” Francesca* insisted, STRIKING a SHARP NOTE as she threatened to beat me. Her idle threat fell FLAT, although this threatened beating did turn me IVORY as the colour drained from my face. “You really should keep a LID on it, you know.”

*Not her real name.

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