E&N Report/Editorial

The Times Colonist has an excellent editorial on the B.C. government’s short sighted lack of interest in properly funding upgrades to the E&N for freight and passenger rail. It’s quite right to say that in a case like this, supply of a service precedes demand. Until people can access their properties by commuter rail, they will continue to buy properties that they can access easily by road – and it’s difficult to accomplish densification that supports light rail after low density housing/commerce served by roads is created.

Update, July 16: On further consideration, it looks like the finances are a serious concern for advocates for investment in the E&N. I haven’t actually read the report, but Victoria Vision has an excellent analysis and link to the report here.

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One Response to E&N Report/Editorial

  1. Evan (OA) says:

    Amen to that. Thanks for sharing the article, Vincent.

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