Daily Puns – July 15, 2010

Today I saw this news story, about construction workers at the World Trade Center site finding a 200 year old boat while doing excavations

I told Francesca’s¹ father about it. Here is our conversation:

“I have a SINKING feeling that this story is going to lead me to make lots of puns,” I told him, “which may put me in HOT WATER with you.”

“COOL DOWN, Vincent,” he said to me. “When you get started punning, they usually come out in a STORM, just STREAMING out continuously.”

“They’re really kind of TRASHY,” I agreed. “But much like early New Yorkers, I use them as FILLER for time and/or space.”

At this point, I noticed that he was looking at me in such a WOODEN manner, that I came to believe that he was really BOARD. “Come on,” I joked, “I’m NAILING these puns!”

“Your puns today really aren’t SHIP-SHAPE,” he informed me. “You really do like to engage in NAVAL GAZING with your puns, don’t you?”

“I’m BANKING² on you getting a chuckle out of them,” I replied. “But it’s tough to DIG so many puns out of my head, and I do seem to be making a HOLY mess out of them.”

¹Not her real name.
²I’m particularly proud of this double pun, on both the financial district surrounding the site, and the river bank that it formerly was.

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