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Update, August 27: The City Talks has a new URL:

UVic’s Urban Studies Committee is organizing a monthly lecture series this academic year, to “[encourage] public dialogue on urban themes.” During the fall term of 2010, there are three talks on “Identity and Urban Politics in the Pacific Northwest.” The talks and dates are:

  • September 16: The Legacies of Colonization: Apartheid in Small Town BC
    A film screening and discussion
    Leonie Sandercock
    University of British Columbia
  • October 21: Getting the Indians Out of Town: Race and Space in Early 20th Century BC
    John Lutz
    University of Victoria
  • November 24: The Queen City Comes Out:  An Historical Geography of Gay Seattle
    Michael Brown
    University of Washington

I’m particularly interested in Dr. Lutz’s lecture. I took two courses from him last fall (Social History of the Automobile and Doing Digital History: Microhistories for the Internet), and found him to be a great lecturer, who was doing innovative work on both the topic of race and space in B.C. cities and the digitization of history (both documents and analysis). I also wrote a paper on a related topic for a course in the spring, which I summarized in an earlier post on the move of the Songhees reserve from the inner harbour to Esquimalt in 1910.

I’m also interested to hear Dr. Sandercock speak. In my Geog 350 course, her books were referred to several times, because several students in that class were planning students who had taken courses with her. The ones that were often referred to are Towards Cosmopolis: Planning for Multicultural Cities and Cosmopolis II: Mongrel Cities in the 21st Century.

In the spring of 2011, the theme is “Urban Activism and the Right to the City”:

  • January 20: Rights of Passage: Sidewalks and the Regulation of Public Flow
    Nicholas Blomley
    Simon Fraser University
  • February 17: City, Nation, and Empire: The Urban Texture of Montreal’s 1960s
    Sean Mills
    University of Toronto
  • March 24: How Political Are Streets?
    Judith Garber
    University of Alberta

For two of my courses last spring, I read the same article by Blomley:

Nicolas Blomley, “‘Shut the Province Down’: First Nations Blockades in British Columbia, 1984-1995,” B.C. Studies, 111 (Autumn 1996): 5-35.

His City Talks biography describes him as “a legal geographer,” which is a category that I hadn’t realized existed – but on reflection, it makes a lot of sense; law regulates, in many ways, how we experience space. I can’t recall reading or hearing of the other speakers before, but I’m looking forward to hearing what they have to say.

All talks are at The Legacy Gallery, 630 Yates Street, at 7:30. See The City Talks website for more details.

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