Fringe Volunteering – August 26

Yesterday, I spent a few hours volunteering for Victoria’s Fringe Festival. I helped out at the volunteer centre and worked a shift at the box office at Venue 3 (Wood Hall, 907 Pandora). I sold tickets to Gonads & Gametes and Unequal Harvest, both of which continue at Venue 3 for the rest of Fringe. My shift ended before I could hear anything about Unequal Harvest, but one of the reviewers who attended all three shows at that venue made some very positive comments about Gonads & Gametes while getting his next ticket. I also heard that Z-Day: The Anthem for the Post-Zombie Apocalypse, at Venue 2 (Metro Studio, 1411 Quadra) was very popular its first night, with a line stretching around the corner half an hour prior to show time.

I’d also like to congratulate this year’s Fringe crew for being very well organized, for providing excellent training and for having a sense of fun. I’ll be volunteering again this evening, after using my volunteer Fringe Bucks to take Francesca Smith-Jones* to see atticdwellers at Venue 2 this afternoon at 4:45.

*Not her real name.

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