Fringe: Das Kabarett

Francesca Smith Jones* and I saw Das Kabarett (part of the Victoria Fringe Festival) yesterday evening. It was a solid performance of a personal story, dealing with a family’s struggles in WWII era Yugoslavia. Heidemarie Muller portrays her grandmother’s unsuccessful attempts to keep her family together during the war, and does so with an endearing authenticity. I was a bit confused by some of the stylistic choices (like having the grandmother character talk to an offstage spirit, that turned out to be an embodiment of the actor herself), and found the lighting provided by the Fringe to be adequate, but these are minor quibbles about an otherwise good performance.

One aspect of this show that I really appreciate is that all performances are designated as volunteer appreciation shows, which means that volunteers can see the show for free. (There’s a limit of four volunteers per show.) This is a great way of recognizing the efforts of volunteers, and encouraging us to see theatre that we might not otherwise go to. Thanks to Heidemarie, her director Simon Bradbury, and her stage manager/designer Nicolas Timmenga for setting these seats aside for volunteers. I enjoyed myself and added a new theatre experience to my repertoire because of their generosity.

There are three more performances of Das Kabarett, at Venue 1 (755 Pandora):

September 3, 11:15
September 4, 2:00
September5, 4:30

*Not her real name.

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