Fringe: Fear of a Brown Planet

Last night, Francesca Smith Jones* and I went to see Psycho Bitch and Fear of a Brown Planet at Victoria’s Fringe Festival.

Fear of a Brown Planet is a stand-up comedy routine performed by Nile Séguin. Francesca* and I saw him last year, and were excited at the possibility of seeing him again. Because he’s such a fantastic comedian, he’s a regular sell-out favourite of the Fringe. We got to the theatre half an hour before tickets went on sale, and there were already people lining up. By the time we had bought ours, there were about twice as many people lined up around the block to buy tickets.

As the TC’s reviewer said, “My cheeks are still aching from smiling and laughing so hard.” Francesca* and I even laughed at jokes we had heard last year, because his delivery is so great. If you have a chance to see him elsewhere, do so.

*Not her real name.

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