Fringe: Psycho Bitch

Last night, Francesca Smith Jones* and I went to see Psycho Bitch and Fear of a Brown Planet at Victoria’s Fringe Festival.

Psycho Bitch had a good premise, a few comedic lines and an endearing character. It was a show with a lot of promise. Unfortunately, “messagism” took over and I ended up feeling lectured at for the hour long performance. There are better ways to deal with the stigma of mental illness through theatre, but lecturing your audience and telling stories about your own mental illness are strategies best left to other forums. If I could give advice to the writer/actor, I would suggest editing the play to show the action/conflict associated with her mental illness, rather than telling us about it. She has the basis for a strong play here. I sympathize with her struggles, and have struggled similarly myself, so I know that there is a lot of potential here for a play emphasizing action, conflict and drama. I wish her the best of luck developing this play in the future.

*Not her real name.

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