Jane’s Walk 2012: On Café Culture

In the description of my upcoming Jane’s Walk, I indicated that we will finish the walk at Spiral Café for a conversation after the walk. The picture in that post shows the sidewalk torn up, and forms in place for a planned concrete pour. A couple of days ago, City crews poured half of the new sidewalk, including the area in front of Spiral. It includes locally designed patterns in aggregate concrete and glass decoration, part of a community-led place-making process. The rest of the sidewalk should be completed in the near future.

New Sidewalk Taking Shape Outside Spiral Cafe

As I’ve been organizing this walk, I’ve been thinking about the importance of coffee shops in our culture. They have a long and distinguished history as meeting places, have been politically important in creating the modern world, and have huge economic effects world-wide. Coffee shops are even great places to work, as this picture of me using my typewriter shows:

Typing at Spiral Since 2012

Victoria is blessed with a number of independent coffee shops that have their own atmosphere and culture. We’ll be passing two on my Jane’s Walk (Café Fantastico and Spiral Café). I have my own ideas about how each fits with the ideas of Jane Jacobs, and will be interested to find out what other participants think.

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6 Responses to Jane’s Walk 2012: On Café Culture

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  2. Heard good things about your walk. I only 8, but a very interesting discussion was had nonetheless.

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