What’s Wrong With This Picture? A Bike Lane Bisection!

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Location: Craigflower Road. Across the street from Crown Palace/Chicken-on-the-Run

Date/Time: June 5, 2012. 8:30 pm.

Issue: A traffic cone at either end of this stretch of “grooved pavement” will not properly warn cyclists that the “gooved pavement” suddenly bisects the bike lane for two feet, especially between dusk and dawn when there is less contrast between different surfaces. I appreciate that the City is putting in bike lanes and doing a lot of other work along Craigflower, but I think it’s important for city crews to warn all road users of upcoming hazards that they create while carrying out the necessary work.

Question: Who should I contact after business hours about hazards like this?

Update, June 6: After contacting the City’s Engineering Department on the web, I noticed that the problem was rectified today with a new cone in the appropriate section of the bike path.

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