Jane’s Walk 2012: We walked, we talked…

From the Jane’s Walk organizers:

We walked, we talked…

… and together we created the biggest Jane’s Walk weekend ever. With more cities, more walks and more walkers year on year, we can truly say that we’re all part of a fantastic global movement to understand and transform our local environment.

Apparently, there were 15,000 walkers who participated in 615 walks in 85 cities and 19 countries this year. Thanks for helping to make my Jane’s Walk in Vic West (more links here) such a success, and part of much larger conversation about cities around the world.

You can find press clippings and images from this year’s walks, and provide feedback about your Jane’s Walk experience. Proposals for next year’s walks are closed until January 1, 2013, but I’ll be leading one in another neighbourhood next year. I’ll also be running some other walks in the fall. Follow this site for details!

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