What’s Wrong With This Picture? The Case of the Disappearing Bike Racks


What: A City of Victoria sign that says, “Notice: Bike rack to be removed.” Graffiti on the sign rightly asks “WHEN AND WHY?” (I outlined the graffiti in black using GIMP, to make it stand out more in the photo above.)

Where & When: Outside The Bay Centre at Fort and Broad. Friday, August 24, 12:30 p.m.

Issue: For practical reasons, the City ought to explain when parking changes like this will be happening. It’s not clear from the signage when the change will occur, which might leave cyclists wondering whether they have time to lock up here for ten minutes to get a coffee, without their bike being removed with the rack by the city – or whether they can leave their bike overnight while staying at a nearby hotel. It is also unclear whether or not the racks will be replaced, and if so, with what. I’m not sure whether the rack has been removed yet, since I haven’t been down there for the past few days.

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3 Responses to What’s Wrong With This Picture? The Case of the Disappearing Bike Racks

  1. Signage definitely needed to be better. The replacement racks are ready and should be installed soon. It’s been part of an ongoing process to update downtown bike parking, replacing opportunities lost by the removal of parking meters, changing out old technology, and looking to meet demand where needed. The existing racks at the Bay Centre were among the worst in the city for utility and while well used (because alternatives were nowhere to be found), the new racks will provide more spots in a similar footprint. Will be raising the signage issue through the committee I’ve been working with to deal with downtown bike parking.

    • vincentgornall says:

      John: Thanks for raising the signage issue with the committee, and for getting better parking facilities installed for cyclists. Will the new racks also be less obstructive of pedestrians? The photo above also shows how people with strollers have to run a virtual slalom course of stairs, trees, utility poles, bollards, garbage cans, and bike racks. This would apply to people using walkers, wheelchairs and other mobility aids, as well as people walking in groups of more than two.

  2. Anne Grimes says:

    Vincent: I work downtown around the Bay Centre. I would like to respectively comment that, the sidewalks around the Bay Centre….Fort St., Government, View and Douglas are very generously proportioned. They are wide and have more than enough room for negotiating the fixed obstacles. There may be other streets that are a slalom course for those you mention, but this area is quite easy to negotiate. Comment on the signs………I laughed out loud when I saw them. I was confused too, but realized that surely the City had merely done a poor job of communicating their message….. The changing comments on the signs bring a smile to my face every day. Thanks John Luton for keeping on top of this.

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