Vincent’s Victoria Urban Miscellany — April 25, 2013

An occasional miscellany, including a supposed relationship between zombies, wood windows and freeway fighting superheroes. Also, I admit to occasionally walking – and leading walking tours. And a discourse about apples, gravity and photographs.


  • An urban planner in Vancouver is researching zombie fighting tools. He is also concerned with non-resident property ownership, housing affordability and the culture of the city.
  • One day last week, I noticed the apple tree in the backyard had some beautiful pink buds. I took out my camera and realized it was still set on a macro setting for taking photos of documents in the archives. So rather than taking a picture of the whole tree, as I had originally intended, I captured the photo above. The close focus has a very nice effect, with the other blossoms and grass gradually fading out of focus. That’s one way in which history and apples are related, but there are others.
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