The City Walks Reading List – “Places of Worship, Social Services & City Planning in Victoria”


In advance of Annick Germain’s City Talk on Thursday, and my City Walk on Saturday, I wanted to share some what I’ve been reading this month as I prepared for the tour. Here are a few articles that provide some background to Germain’s lecture:

  • Annick Germain & Julie Elizabeth Gagnon. “Minority Places of Worship and Zoning Dilemmas in Montréal.” Planning Theory and Practice, 4(3), 2003, 295-318.
  • Annick Germain. The Fragmented or Cosmopolitan Metropolis? A Neighbourhood Story of Immigration in Montréal. Montréal: Centre Métropolis du Québec – Immigration et métropoles, 2011.
  • Annick Germain. “Religion in Public Space in a Multi-Ethnic Environment: Reasonable Accommodation in Zoning.” Plan Canada, January-February 2009.
  • Myer Siemiatycki. “Contesting Sacred Urban Space: The Case of Eruv.” Journal of International Migration and Integration 6:2 (Spring 2005): 255-270.

For details about where and when to join the walk, click here. For an outline of the walk, click here.

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