The City Walks – “Victoria in the Religious Imagination”

Religion & The City

You are invited to attend the third  in a series of discussion based walking tours on the Religious Landscape of Victoria. In partnership with The City Talks, The City Walks seek to promote public dialogue on important urban themes.

This month’s topic is “Victoria in the Religious Imagination.” It takes up themes and issues raised by Myer Siemiatycki in his City Talk at the Legacy Gallery on November 21, 2013.

Here are the details:

The tour starts at the Centennial Square Fountain near Victoria’s City Hall, and stops at several points in and around downtown. Click here for a map of the route, and here for an outline of the sites we’ll visit, and the questions we’ll discuss. Click here to download and print an outline of this walk.

These walks are part of a research project investigating the pedagogical utility of discussion based walking tours. Participants will be invited to provide information for this research project, and will have the opportunity to participate in later focus groups. Participation in this research project is voluntary.

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