Parking Follies I

An occasional series featuring parking problems from a pedestrian and cyclist viewpoint.


What: A truck blocking a crosswalk and 1.5 vehicle lanes while unloading.

Where: Tillicum Mall, Upper Level. Near Target.

When: December 16, 2013. 10:35 a.m.

Comment: The design of this loading bay puts all road users at risk, by forcing pedestrians (some with strollers or walkers) into the vehicle lane and all vehicles (including cyclists) into a single, narrow two-way lane.

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One Response to Parking Follies I

  1. robinchristopher says:

    I actually ducked underneath the trailer of a truck parked in the same location.
    A man (the truck driver?) appeared to chastise me for what he thought was my foolishness.
    I pointed out that he was the one parked across the crosswalk and kept going, no doubt written off as a lunatic.

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