Parking Follies II

An occasional series featuring parking problems from a pedestrian and cyclist viewpoint.


What: A car parked partially in a private driveway, completely blocking a sidewalk and preventing normal use of a bus stop.

Where: 400-block Obed Ave.

When: December 15, 2013. 11:52 a.m.

Comment: Drivers are pedestrians too, and should know that sidewalks are often used for walking. It’s also a common sense part of living in an urban environment that normal bus stop use involves passengers boarding through the front doors near the bus stop sign. The only explanation I can think of for parking this way is driver selfishness–it probably seemed like too much trouble to have other cars in the driveway moved to create sufficient space, or to find nearby on-street parking and use the sidewalk for its intended purpose.

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3 Responses to Parking Follies II

  1. Ben says:

    It seems strange and somewhat dangerous to locate a bus stop across a driveway.

    • vincentgornall says:

      Ben – Try thinking about it in a different way: It seems stranger and more dangerous to locate a driveway in a location where a bus needs to stop. The bus stop serves many neighbours using public space, and contributes to creating a tight grid that enables sustainable transportation. The driveway, on the other hand, uses its interface with public space to serve only the private interests of the property owner and his or her guests. I’d choose wide public benefits over individualistic private benefits any day. (The public benefits also accrue to the property owner – by reducing congestion, pollution and other negative externalities, a functioning bus system allows the property owner to enjoy a “better” driving experience, lower costs and better health.)

  2. Ben says:

    It would indeed be strange to construct a driveway where a bus stop were located but this appears to be a pre-existing driveway and is the only location on the small lot where a driveway can fit. There is a long space just past the next driveway on the other side of the telephone pole which would be a far better place to locate the bus stop for both the property owner and the bus users.

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