The City Talks – Surveillance Readings

The City Walks Reading ListFor the upcoming City Walk on surveillance in Victoria, I’ve suggested a couple of readings and/or linked to some videos that raise issues for discussion at each site. While it’s not necessary to read or view any of them in order to participate in the tour, it might enhance your knowledge about surveillance issues and help to facilitate a more fulsome discussion. In this post, I highlight the three texts and videos that will most enhance your experience on this tour:

The first reading I suggest you read is Rob Wipond’s final installment in a Focus Magazine series on police use of Automated Licence Plate Recognition, So it’s illegal surveillance, so what? It summarizes the issue nicely, and will form the backdrop to our discussion at our first site. For links to the other articles in the series, and the questions we’ll discuss at Victoria Police Headquarters, see my earlier post, The City Walks – Is Everywhere Under Surveillance?

The second reading includes a number of images of signs that organizations could use to better inform people about surveillance practices, in both public and quasi-public areas; it also explains why proper signage is important. Here’s an citation that includes a link: Andrew Clement & Joseph Ferenbok, “Mitigating Asymmetric Visibilities: Towards a Signage Code for Surveillance Camera Networks” (pre-publication proof, 2011), in Aaron Doyle, Randy Lippert & David Lyon (Eds.), Eyes Everywhere: The Global Growth of Camera Surveillance (New York: Routledge, 2012), 309-332.

My third suggested “reading” is a one minute long YouTube video that answers the first question I’ll ask at the final site, at which we’ll discuss one of the major possibilities for the future of surveillance. Here’s another citation with a link: “TheGifro,” “Excessive force by Victoria police – Mar 21, 2010 – judge for yourself,” YouTube video (uploaded March 22, 2010).

Join the walking tour at 10:00 on February 1, 2013, in front of the Victoria Police Headquarters, to discuss the issues these texts and videos raise. There is more information on the sites and questions in the earlier post, The City Walks – Is Everywhere Under Surveillance?

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  2. Denise Dalphy says:

    When is this walk? ty, Denise

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