My name is Vincent Gornall. My wife, Francesca Smith-Jones*, and I have been living in Victoria, British Columbia since September 2009. Over the next year, I plan to finish my thesis in UVic’s History Department, on urban renewal in the Victoria area during the 1950s through 1970s. I have also designed and led several walking tours on urban themes. You can contact me at vincent_gornall [at] hotmail.com.

*Not her real name.


3 Responses to About

  1. Phil says:

    Hi Vincent,
    My name is Phil Roberts. I’m the creative director of sixty7 Architecture Road, a site about Canadian Architecture, architectural firms, the built environment

    and projects across the globe designed by Canadian architects.

    Would you be interested in writing a 500-700 word article for us about a Victoria neighbourhood? You will be able to use the article that you write for us for

    your own blog, just as long as you state that it was originally published with us.

    Would you be interested?

  2. Bev Gulbrandsen says:

    Hi Vincent,
    My name is Bev Gulbrandsen. I am currently gathering research for my masters in tourism management from RRU and looking at urban design, livability and sense of place, using Victoria as a case study. Do you have any City Walks scheduled in the future and/or would you be willing to meet for coffee to discuss why/how you started your walks and where you see this growing interest going? Thanks.

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